Frugal Female Fashion Tips

by Janelle Bernard

Let's get things straight off the bat... The term frugal simply means spending money wisely. Frugal individuals strive to avoid overspending and instead look for ways to save money while still achieving their desired goals. Frugality should never be interpreted negatively as it is a quality to be admired. That, being said, our frugal female fashion tips are guaranteed to find the prices you love without giving up on your style. 

It's possible to remain fashionable without necessarily breaking the bank. There are so many ways to do that, we thought we'd share a bunch of them so you can choose the options that suit you best. Read on to find some helpful frugal female fashion tips that will help you save money and ensure that you remain at the top of your fashion game.

1. Look for a good online thrift store

An ideal place for inexpensive but stylish clothes is a reputable online thrift store. At GiveRise, you can earn some phenomenal deals on pocket-friendly clothing. The only fact you must face is that thrifting tends to be time-consuming. 

As such, it becomes hard to fully check every item for stains or rips. A good way to approach it is to have background research and a good understanding of the brands known for quality clothing. Learning about the real cost of such clothes when new is also good. 

Another helpful tip is to locate an online thrift store that collects clothes in an affluent neighbourhood. Here, you expect residents to throw away the expensive brand-name attires. While at such neighbourhoods, chances of piecing together some low-budget outfits are high.

2. Shop your closet first

Before getting to any store to get new garments, stop by your closet first. This gives you a chance to take an inventory of the things you already possess. While in your closet, ensure to be thorough enough to discover some of your favourite women's garments you haven't worn for some time. 

You will be surprised to discover some hidden treasures you never thought about. Judging from what you already have in the closet, devise ways to couple up different garments for a look you have never had. 

You can also accessorize an existing outfit and rock that for your upcoming occasion. This is a sure way to remain stylish while saving chunks of money at the same time. frugal female fashion tips

3. Avoid shopping for fun

For most fashion lovers, window shopping is a fun way to pass time. However, for the sake of avoiding unnecessary shopping, this is a habit you will need to give up. Leading a frugal lifestyle involves avoiding any action that could lead you away from your frugal path. 

If you want to reduce your expenditure on clothing, don't tempt yourself. You simply need to find another fun activity apart from shopping. Instead, you need to discover more ways to reduce your overspending habits on clothes.

4. Exchange clothes with friends

One of the frugal fashion tips we consider the most fun is to swap clothes with your friends. The urge to spend money on clothing grows stronger when we become tired of wearing the clothes we have in our closets. Setting up a clothes exchange with friends is a great way to have new clothes in your closet. 

Instead of letting the clothes you forgot about sit in the back of your closet, exchange them for your friend's clothes you always thought would look good on you. As they say, one girl's trash is another girl's treasure. It is very easy to set up a clothes swap party. You can do this with your friends or in a mommy's group. All you have to do is bring the clothes you have outgrown (mentally and physically!) and your unwanted clothing, lay the clothes on the table, and trade them.

5. Upcycle old clothes

Among the most engaging DIY ways you can use to save money on garments is upcycling old garments. For instance, jeans with ragged and worn cuffs could be transformed into jean shorts. You can also give an old tee shirt a new life with fun embellishments. All you need to do is to get creative and revel in the transformation. 

In the same vein, you should never dispose of an old shirt for simple reasons like a missing button or small tears. You can do the repairs and save the money you could have used to buy new clothes. The good thing about upcycling your clothes is that it allows people to use creativity and show off their fashion A-game.

6. Buy second-hand clothes from a physical store

We all know that buying new clothes is a good choice. However, for the sake of saving money, there are times you will need to make sacrifices. One way to save money for female fashion is by purchasing second-hand clothes from a second-hand clothing shop with a physical location. Based on the brands and the style you love, there will be a range of options that you can choose from when shopping for second-hand clothes. 

shop second hand stores

The good thing about second-hand clothes is that people will hardly tell the difference between new and used clothes. You do not necessarily need new clothes to be fashionable. When you wear vintage clothing, you revive your wardrobe without having to purchase directly from the rack.

7. Buy neutral pieces

Even though purchasing flashy colours with pretty patterns is convincing enough for new clothing, learn to stick to neutral colours with a frugal lifestyle. Sticking to neutral colours and patterns is a great way to save money on clothing. Solid colours is a clever way to populate your wardrobe and ensure that you have clothes combinations to wear for years since you can match them with anything.

8. Buy quality and forever fashionable garments

Among the best tips that you can use to dress classy on a tight budget is buying high-quality clothing that will be timeless. Fast fashion is known to strain the wallet and the environment as well. Low-quality clothes, in terms of materials used, will not last long. 

The fact that you are shopping frugally does not necessarily mean that you should go shopping cheaply. Don't you think purchasing quality clothes that last for years instead of cheap ones are wise? You will go a long way in saving money when you buy a few quality items rather than many cheap clothes that tear and fade with a few washes. The fact that quality clothes will be forever fashionable should motivate you to buy them when you’re getting a good price.

9. Familiarize yourself with sales cycles

Clothes stores have sales calendar every year. This should help you to note whenever markdowns are happening easily and quickly. When you understand the sales cycles of your favourite store, you will be able to shop sales and find some of the best deals on clothing. You should, however, be ready to buy your clothing off-season. 

End-of-season sales often yield huge money savings. This is because the hugest discounts are on seasonal items. No store will be willing to store their clothing until next season. 

If you are looking for the best swimsuit, it is good to wait until summer ends. Likewise, if you are looking to get the best winter coat, spring is the best buying time. The bottom line is that you can save hugely on off-season clothing expenditures.

fashion advice to save money

10. Shop on a list and restrict yourself to cash payments

One of the surest ways to be frugal in your expenditure is to shop with a list in your hand. Every time you head out to shop for clothes, make sure you have a list of the things you need to buy written down on that list. 

By buying the only items listed on your list, you can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Even with a list, some people find it hard to stick to it. To overcome that, it is advisable to leave all your credit cards back at home and shop using cash instead. 

If you find it hard to stick to a shopping list, budget the amount you wish to spend before heading out shopping. With that, it becomes possible to only bring the cash you need to the store.

11. Be careful where you shop

When shopping for clothes on a tight budget, your location greatly impacts your expenditure. Name-brand retailers, boutique shops, and high-end stores have high prices for anyone on a budget. The best thing to do is to keep away from such expensive stores and get affordable alternatives. 

Instead of shopping the main isles at Nordstrom's, you can opt for items offered at a discount at Nordstrom Rack. You can also do away with the pricey brand-name stores for recognizable fashion brands in stores such as TJ Maxx, Winners, and Marshalls. 

Similarly, you can still head out to an outlet mall instead of visiting the mall. Proper research and pricing out the stores with the best bargains will get you dressed well on a tight budget.

woman with frugal purchases

12. Take good care of your clothes

This is a good frugal tip for female fashion shoppers. Why would you buy a quality and fashionable garment with your hard-earned money and fail to take good care of it? The better care you give your clothes, the longer they last and the better they continue looking good on you. 

There are different ways to take care of your clothes, including hand washing the items that do not necessarily require machine washing. Apart from that, use delicate cycles when using your washing machine. 

You should also place your delicate items in special laundry bags before putting them in your washing machine. During storage, ensure that you use the correct type of hanger. For instance, thick padded hangers are better than thin padded ones for your sweaters. 

(Read our article on "How to Take Care of Thrifted Clothes")

13. Buy from online shops selling used clothing

People looking to remain at the top in fashion on a budget are advised to check online stores for used clothing. Like eBay, sellers at such stores offer a wide range of slightly used garments. 

You can check out Poshmark and ThredUp (ONLY if you don’t find what you want at GiveRise!), who are admittedly among the best online retailers for used clothes. Here, it is easy to sort out clothes by style and brand. That is a great way to wear and bring new life to your wardrobe without feeling robbed.

14. Make price comparisons

It is a good habit to check different stores when searching for a certain item. After the price comparison, you can purchase the item from a store offering it at the lowest price. Alternatively, you can see whether your ideal store matches the lowest price. If the exact item is missing in the stores you’re checking, find a garment similar to the same one at a good price. Macy’s offers a lot of lesser-known brands that have all but copied top designer's styles.

15. Think about cost-per-use

Being frugal means knowing that you will put your purchased items to good use. This means you will not buy things and allow them to sit around since you never need them. Even if the retailer is not offering a huge discount according to expectations, based on the cost-per-use, the garment might still merit the purchase. 

red head with vintage vest

For instance, buying a quality tee shirt you will wear once every week for up to five years before it gets torn would be worth it. In the long run, that item will serve you for a long time before heading out to find its replacement.

16. Disregard the thought of impulse buying

Some people are thrilled to make a purchase. This is not a new thing for anyone who loves fashion. People who love buying new outfits often find themselves in this trap. At this point, seasoned shoppers find it hard to stick to frugal fashion budgets. 

It is, however, easy to learn to disregard impulse buying. When you come across a shirt you love dearly and feel like you cannot live without it, resist that urge to buy it immediately. You should instead go home and allow the idea to sink in overnight.

If you are convinced to make the purchase, check its price online and see whether you can get the same item at a better price. From there, you can purchase after you have had enough time to think over the whole issue.

17. Make use of coupons and discounts

Using coupons is an awesome way to save money on clothing. There is, however, a trick to saving money when shopping for clothes that most people don't know. You can double down your savings when you use your coupon to buy something that is on sale already. Sadly, not all stores will allow you to use coupons on items that are already discounted.

sales tag for promotion

A good way to enjoy coupons is to sign up for loyalty programs from different department stores. Whether purchasing from discount stores such as TJ Maxx or using coupons, it is possible to save money on quality items when you are patient to wait until there are promotions. Luckily, there are browser extensions that apply for promotions automatically to online orders. This is a great way to ensure you never miss out on amazing deals.

18. Come up with a capsule wardrobe

When shopping for clothes on a budget, it is wise to come up with a capsule wardrobe. This simply means having fewer pieces in your closet that you can easily wear together. This strategy helps you focus more on building a mix-and-match wardrobe to enjoy the most versatile clothing options for different occasions. 

A capsule wardrobe allows you to invest in fewer items than having a huge closet filled with multiple pieces that don't match. When shopping, look for items you can pair with other pieces to give you several outfit options from the same item. This adds to your fashion savings.

19. Hire out formal wear

Hiring a formal outfit instead of buying one is a cost-effective way to look amazing on a budget. This is especially the case when you want an outfit for your special occasion. You only wear this one or two times, meaning you will not need to buy one.

Paying big money for dresses you might be using for a night is impractical for people on a tight budget. Research both people and online stores that are renting out your desired formal dresses at a price lower than what you can buy them for. This is a great way to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

save money and rent a dress

20. Quality over quantity

Finally, purchasing quality clothing that will last for a long time is essential. Quality items are usually expensive at first, but in the long run, they are way more economical compared to buying cheap items that will wear out easily. When you buy a quality item, it will last longer, and the cost of replacement will be lower. 

It’s important to invest in quality clothing instead of cheap items that require replacing after a few wears. Quality items also look better, and you can enjoy wearing the same piece for longer.

Final thoughts…

It is, without a doubt, totally possible to remain at the top of your fashion game with little money. This does not necessarily mean settling for low-quality clothes. There is a lot you can do to look stylish without breaking the bank. 

All you need to do is adopt a frugal fashion lifestyle. There are so many approaches that will lead you to the ultimate goal: To spend less on quality clothing. 

The frugal female fashion tips above will help you save money on your clothing expenditure while ensuring that you look stylish. When you put the tips into practice, it’s easy to build and maintain an amazing wardrobe for less cash.

Be a savvy shopper and make the world a better place!


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