GiveRise: Empowering Change While Uplifting Communities

With a core mission of closing the “giving gap” in the charitable sector by revolutionizing fundraising for the next generation of donors, GiveRise bridges the charitable sector to the ever-growing secondhand economy while also supporting local small businesses.

Our Story

GiveRise began by commissioning artwork and selling preloved items to raise funds for worthy causes but found that collecting cash, e-transfers and donations took time away from creating more items to sell. “Surprisingly, we couldn't find a platform that would handle this for us, so we set out to create our own.” says founder Janelle Bernard.

Today, GiveRise enables everyone to be a catalyst for good, where each transaction has a purpose beyond the product. When you buy or sell on GiveRise, you are supporting both local causes and local vendors, putting your hard-earned money right back into the Canadian economy.

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