How to Remove Scuffs from Shoes

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scuffed converse ready for stain removal

Have you ever gone out for a night on the town and noticed, much to your dismay, that your favourite shoes have been scuffed? It's an all too common occurrence, especially with leather shoes or boots. Whether it's an unfortunate fall on your way to work, someone steps on your toes, or any other of a million reasons, scuffs on shoes can be a real drag - and leave your shoes looking dull and unappealing. You may find a lot of scuffed shoes while thrifting, which is why we want to show you a few different ways how to remove scuffs from shoes and boots.

Online Thrifting Tips for the Serious Thrifter

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thrifting tips for online thrift stores

Thrift stores have been part of our lives for generations. You probably have a memory of visiting a thrift store when you were young. Or even better, you have some embarrassing photos of outfits that your parents bought from a thrift store. If you have carried on the thrifting spirit to date, you must appreciate the introduction of online thrift stores because they make shopping fun, easy and convenient. With so many options at your fingertips, why not go through some online thrifting tips?

What To Do With Old Worn Out Clothes You Can't Donate

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what to do with stained clothes

Most of us have old clothing that we no longer wear. Do you ever wonder what to do with old worn-out clothes you can't donate? Too often quickly throw them into the trash instead of giving clothes a second life. Although the EPA estimates that 95% of textiles may be recycled, only 15% of used clothing is recycled. Can clothes be recycled? If so, why is 85% of clothing not being recycled?

How to Clean Thrifted Clothes

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Dressing well is an important part of life; it is a priority for many people. Whether it be a new outfit for an interview or a more fashionable wardrobe to impress your friends, we all want clothes that look brand new and stand out. However, sometimes your budget doesn't always allow you to buy the newest clothes off the rack. Or maybe, you are looking for vintage clothing that you can find at an affordable price. Either way, fashion is a hobby for many, and one of the best places to shop is an online thrift store. If you’re going to take the plunge and shop for previously loved apparel, you’ll need to learn how to clean thrifted clothes.

how to clean thrifted clothes