Patagonia Trade-In Vs. Selling Patagonia Resale Items Online

by Janelle Bernard

Patagonia, the well-known outdoor clothing and gear company, has taken sustainable practices and environmental responsibility to new heights with their innovative "Patagonia Trade-In" program. The program encourages customers to recycle their used Patagonia products, in exchange for store credit, by trading them in at local stores or through the company's website. This initiative not only highlights the company's commitment to environmental stewardship but also promotes a circular economy within the outdoor industry.


Where to Buy Clothes in Bulk for Resale: Top Wholesale Suppliers and Tips

by Janelle Bernard

Knowing where to buy clothes in bulk for resale can be a profitable business strategy for many retailers and entrepreneurs. Sourcing high-quality clothing at wholesale prices allows sellers to maximize their profits while offering customers desirable products at competitive rates. To succeed in this venture, it is essential to know where to find the best deals on bulk clothing while also maintaining a keen eye for quality and style.

How Much is My Coach Bag Worth? Expert Guide to Determine Value

by Janelle Bernard

If you're wondering "How much is my coach bag worth" then welcome to the place to get all of your answers! We've broken this down to a science to ensure you're getting the right price when selling your coach bag. You can sell coach bags easily right HERE by becoming a vendor and listing them for sale. With the massive demand for these items it won't take long to see your once beloved belongings become the object of affection to one lucky buyer! 

Coach bags have long been a staple in the world of luxury accessories, offering a range of designs, materials, and price points that appeal to a wide variety of tastes and budgets. As with any luxury item, determining the worth of a Coach bag depends on a variety of factors such as condition, rarity, and demand. It's practically the same as re-selling clothes online.

Understanding the factors that influence the value of your Coach bag can help you get the best price when selling or trading, or simply make an informed decision about whether to keep your beloved accessory.

Booth Prices At The One of A Kind Show: Is It Worth It?

by Janelle Bernard

The cost of a booth at the One of a Kind Show can vary depending on the size of the booth, the location within the show, and any additional services or features included. In general, prices can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars for the duration of the event. For accurate and current pricing information, it's best to directly contact the organizers or visit their official website as prices might change from year to year.

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Second-Hand Gold Jewellery: A Smart Investment Guide for Buyers

by Janelle Bernard
buying used gold online

In recent years, second-hand gold jewellery has gained popularity among both collectors and fashion enthusiasts. Buying pre-owned gold pieces not only allows individuals to obtain unique, one-of-a-kind items but also contributes to a more sustainable approach to consumerism. As the demand for such jewellery continues to grow, understanding the advantages and the process of buying second-hand gold is becoming increasingly important for those looking to invest or accessorize.

Reselling Clothes Online? Learn How to Sell Old Clothes From Home

by Janelle Bernard

You probably have a stack of clothes you have fallen out of love with living in your closet. They may have been impulse buys (no judgment!), wrong sizes, or simply not your size or style anymore. Instead of letting them gather dust and take up space, why not turn them into cash by reselling clothes online? 

Styling Tips for Thrift Shop Outfits | Infographic

by Janelle Bernard

A few months ago we published a roundup article called "22 Styling Tips for Thrifted Outfits" to get people excited about thrifting. We had our beloved founder of GiveRise, Janelle von Kleist-Bernard and 21 other experts in the industry weigh in on what they believed to be one of their best styling tips for finding thrift shop outfits. 

Top 10 Places to Sell Designer Clothes in Toronto (or Online)

by Janelle Bernard

Are you guilty of holding on to unloved designer wares you're unlikely to use again? Streamlining your wardrobe and decluttering your closet is good for the soul and environment as well. As consumers, we are making real efforts to be more conscious and purposeful with our purchases. Great ways of doing this are to sell designer clothes in Toronto, sell online, buy from a sustainably-minded brand or even rent clothing.

In the spirit of circular fashion and conscious consumption, we rounded up the top 10 places to give your gently used designer clothes a new home in Toronto. These websites have a unique approach to selling used clothes online, ensuring that the items are carefully curated and will give you top dollar for your fashion gems. 

What is thrifting? The Thrift Stores Meaning Explained

by Janelle Bernard

The hunt for the perfect wardrobe piece, furniture item, or vintage collectible can be an exciting adventure, and thrifting offers the perfect opportunity to find what you're looking for. But what is thrifting exactly? 

Thrifting is a unique form of shopping for gently used items at discounted prices, usually from thrift stores, garage sales, or online marketplaces. These items are usually in great condition and have plenty of useful life left.

What Is Sustainable Fashion & Why Is It So Important?

by Janelle Bernard

There's been a growing interest in environmental sustainability from every sector as the world becomes increasingly concerned about climate change. The fashion industry is no exception, with sustainable fashion slowly building traction. If you can rock trendy fashion in style and still reduce your environmental footprint, will you be willing to make a change?