Compass Community Services

Compass Community Services has grown in size and complexity since its inception in 1964 as a prevention-oriented program of the Children’s Aid Society (now called Family and Children’s Services of Guelph and Wellington County).

Compass is an integral part of the community and provides support services to individuals, families, and children. Over 96% of our clients feel that their ability to deal with their specific situations improved significantly after treatment, which further reinforces that our services are much needed and beneficial. We are a premier provider of exceptional yet affordable and cost-effective services in the community.

The agency is committed to strengthening individuals and couples and family life for those dealing with trauma, grief, stress, anxiety, depression, and physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. We also support people with developmental challenges and those who care for them. Compass offers the only same-day mental-health clinics for those wishing to call, video conference, or speak in person with a counsellor in Guelph, Fergus, and Mount Forest.

In January 2020, Compass acquired TeleConnect and Distress Line services, which include an inbound distress line and an outbound phone check-in service for all Guelph and County of Wellington residents. The services run 7 days/week 14 hours a day and is supported by donations and the United Way Guelph Wellington Dufferin. We are also the only non-profit provider of customized Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) in the area.

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